Packing & Crating Services

Custom Crating for Transporting Your Most Fragile Items

Packing involves more than just putting all of your belongings into boxes. Sure, many of the things in your household can fit nicely into various boxes. But then there are the items that either can’t fit or are too fragile to put in a box. Regardless of your packing needs, Clancy Relocation & Logistics is here to help. We are a moving company that also offers packing and crating services for everything in your home.

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We can help you pack everything, including:

  • Instruments
  • Fine art
  • Delicate home décor
  • Pictures
  • Appliances
  • Home theaters
  • Furniture

couch wrapped in packing materials

We offer a variety of packing services based on your individual needs. From Partial Packing to Full-Service Packing, we have the tools to make your entire moving experience as convenient as possible.

For your valuable items, we offer Custom Crating services that will make sure they remain protected throughout the entire moving process. Our team is fully experienced with all types of items and will exercise extreme caution.

Clancy is backed by nearly 100 years of experience and understands the precautions we need to take when dealing with your home and everything in it. Moving is stressful enough – we’ll give you the peace of mind of knowing that all of your property is safely being packed and transported to your new location.

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Valuable Things to Consider for Professional Crating Services

When hiring a company to help you move and pack, there are certain things you want to consider. You may have several packing and crating options in your area, but not all of them will provide the same level of service and care.

Some things you should look for:

  • Organization – Our itemized inventory system ensures that every piece you move is accounted for. Packing and categorizing your belongings is a great way to make your move even smoother.
  • Efficiency – Living in a high-density residential area can often come with time constraints. Our crews are able to handle the most challenging situations. It may benefit you to pack your belongings before your move date and label boxes. We have all the materials required for safe packing.
  • Caution – Do you have fragile dishes and kitchenware? Our Full-Service Packing crews can pack your most delicate items with superior care and attention to detail.

We handle unique items on a daily basis. Fine art, TVs, mirrors, sculptures, and other hard-to-handle items are a challenge to pack on your own. Our Fine Art & Custom Crating service protects the items that require special attention.

Your Full-Service Moving Company

Clancy Relocation & Logistics is here to help with every element of your move. We can pack up your home, transport it to your new location, and even store it. We also work with GoMinis to offer portable storage containers. Are you moving your business? We also offer commercial moving services for companies of all kinds.

We’ve been making moves easy since 1921. Give us a call today at (845) 209-1560 so that we can assist you with yours.

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