Office Moving

Office Relocation Services Backed by A Century of Experience

Are you preparing your office for an upcoming move? Don’t go it alone. There is a lot of coordination required when trying to execute a commercial move. Clancy Relocation & Logistics is here to assist you. We are a commercial moving company that offers office moving services. Our team is backed by nearly 100 years of experience and will eliminate the various headaches and hiccups that are often associated with a business relocation.

Serving the tri-state area for nearly a century, Clancy can accommodate any business relocation or storage need, from transporting heavy high-value equipment to full-service office relocation. Call on us for nation-wide service as well as international business relocation.

Throughout the years, we have moved the following types of businesses:

  • Banking and finance
  • Consulting firms
  • Communications
  • Educational institutions
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare and health services organizations
  • Hospitality/hotels
  • Legal services/law firms
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Not-for-profit and other charitable organizations
  • Retail stores and warehousing
  • State and local government agencies
  • Utilities

To learn more about our office moving services, reach out to us today at (845) 209-1560. We offer free commercial moving quotes.

Time Sensitive Solutions for Office Moving

Downtime management is most critical during an office move. Your office moving size and scope requirements, including your most detailed and challenging needs, can be met by our experienced logistics team. We will work within your scope of work to create a relocation plan that minimizes disruption and allows business to resume as quickly as possible.

How Do You Plan an Office Move Project?

Moving an office successfully requires a significant amount of planning and preparation. Here are some recommendations to improve organization for your office relocation.

  1. Select a coordinator or project manager to oversee the move.
  2. Have the coordinator contact a full service moving company to begin planning the move.
  3. Put together a team to create an office move plan and budget.
  4. Identify dates for important decisions and deadlines.
  5. Work with IT department to ensure the new office meets the company's technological needs.
  6. Inventory equipment and consider replacing old furniture and technology.
  7. Consider whether this is a good opportunity to digitize files and paper records instead of relocating them.
  8. Create a seating plan.
  9. Provide employees with details on parking and amenities and the day-of-move plan.
  10. Provide the office moving company with a day-by-day (or single day) timeline.
  11. Finalize schedule.

The Professional Team You Need to Relocate Your Business

Our large team of movers and PC workstation technicians has the experience required to adapt to new and challenging situations. Often, a new PC workstation will require innovative wire management and desktop configuration. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to get all computers, monitors, phones, peripheral items, and printers up and running. We can even set up and install your furniture for an easy transition.

Your delegated Project Manager is chosen based on his/her particular experience with your business line. But no matter what category your business falls into, we know you expect a high level of professionalism for your moves and we are ready to deliver! Your unique needs are reviewed to ensure the highest quality of service.

Our team is experienced with following various procedures for regulatory compliance with groups such as the TSA. Please bring any potentially hazardous materials to the attention of your Project Manager to prevent shipping delays.

Reach out to us today at (845) 209-1560 to learn more about why we are the best office moving company for your unique needs.

Request a Quote Now Clancy Relocation & Logistics has multiple locations within New York State and within Connecticut. Clancy has the licenses and authority to perform relocations to destinations across the country and the world