Laboratory Relocation

Lab Moving and Storage

Are you moving a full biotech, pharmaceutical, or regulated laboratory? Or do you need to move just a few instrumentlabcoats hanging on walls to a neighboring building?

Safety and cost-effectiveness stay to-of-mind with our attentive team ready to assist you step-by-step with your lab move.

Specialized disposal services paired with the extra protection you need to ensure your shipment is delivered on time and in whole.

We offer complete laboratory relocation services and have experience:

  • Moving sensitive lab equipment
  • Packing breakables, glassware and fragile testing supplies
  • Relocating entire medical labs
  • Coordinating the staged move of scientific research facilities
  • Moving heavy specialty equipment, scanners and sensitive scopes
  • Prepping and relocating refrigeration devices
  • Storing high value items for long or short periods of time

To learn more about moving laboratory equipment or other commercial moving + storage services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (845) 209-1560. We look forward to serving your business.

Request a Quote Now Clancy Relocation & Logistics has multiple locations within New York State and within Connecticut. Clancy has the licenses and authority to perform relocations to destinations across the country and the world