Computers on a row of desks

Planning Your IT Relocation

Whether you’re a relatively small mom-and-pop shop or a company with hundreds of employees, nearly every business has one thing in common — it relies on technology. Every email that’s been sent, order that’s been categorized, and file that’s been saved on your servers is critical to the success of your business.

This is why it’s so important to create a plan of action, specifically for your IT equipment, when it comes time for your business to relocate.

Protect Your Data During an Office Move

Because backing up and moving technology can be time-consuming, you should reach out to your IT department the moment you have a moving date set.

When deciding how to go about safely moving your office technology, consider:

  • The technology requirements of your new office/what (if any) equipment has already been installed.
  • Taking inventory of your physical hardware.
  • Creating a Business Continuity Plan to safeguard your data and information.
  • How equipment will be packed and shipped.
  • Which technologies or systems need to be up and running on day one and which can be done at a later date.

Remember, your servers are delicate pieces of equipment and require knowledgeable and professional hands. This is not the time to cut corners.

Use Movers Who Are Experienced in Electronics Transit

Business owners are often surprised to learn that their internal IT department isn’t capable of handling such a large project, or that the moving company they hired doesn’t have experience moving critical technologies.

Here at Clancy Relocation & Logistics, we’ll disconnect, label, pack, transport, and reconnect each workstation so that they’re ready to go the moment your employees come back into the office.

If your IT move is going to require a considerable amount of planning, organizing, and resources, we suggest contacting a moving company as far ahead as possible so that you can reserve the dates you need.

Clancy’s experienced technicians are here to quickly and neatly disconnect and reconnect all of the devices needed at your new office space. To learn more about our desktop services, and our other technology moving services, give us a call today at (845) 209-1560.