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Custom Protective Screens and Barriers for Your Office

Offices weren’t designed with social distancing in mind.

In anticipation of bringing workers back to the office, the CLANCY FURNITURE SERVICES team is partnering with our clients to design office layouts that reflect a socially distant lifestyle and create spaces that can adapt to a new and ever-changing environment.  Our team has stayed together and continued to install projects during the shelter-in-place, but we have adopted new practices to make sure everyone stays safe.  We are here to help, so contact our team today and let us help get your office ready to welcome back your employees.

Redesign and Reconfigure

There are a lot of ways to reconfigure your space using your existing furniture; rotate the desks so people don’t face each other, change the layout so people have larger workspaces, move desks to change the flow of traffic or add screens to create privacy, separation, and safety to each workspace.

Employees’ biggest concern about returning to the office is their safety and screens are a simple solution for turning an open environment into a more private one. Creating a sense of security for your employees as they return to work has never been more important or easier to achieve.

We customize clamp-on, desk mounted, or free-standing barriers to suit your needs and timeline.

Protective Barriers

Create separation in open spaces by adding screens to define each person’s workspace. This will give them peace of mind while still allowing for team collaboration.  Whether your space requires our screens to be mounted to your existing workstations, freestanding on desks or you have a custom application needed our plexiglass screens are made to fit.

Come back to work with peace of mind!  Contact us today for pricing.

Download Guide: Clancy Custom Screens and Protective Barriers_Installing Confidence

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