Dog covered in a blanket holding a mug

How to Prepare Your Dog (and Their Supplies) for Moving

Tips For Preparing Your Dog For a Move

You’ve got the moving day scheduled and your boxes mostly packed up. You’re working on the last few when you notice your dog looking absolutely dejected. In the frenzy of the move, you’ve hardly had two seconds to think of how your pup might feel about these changes.

You know you’re moving into a new home, but your canine companion has no idea what’s going on. How can you prepare them for what’s to come and ensure their supplies arrive safely? We’ve gathered some tips and pointers (no pun intended) to share with you now.

How to Prep Your Dog for Moving

We’ll get to your pup’s stuff in the next section, but for now, let’s worry about your dog. They haven’t been themselves lately, probably because they’re freaked out about the move. If your four-legged friend has never seen packing tape or moving boxes before, the very sight can fill them with dread.

Begin preparing them for the move by acclimating them to the boxes and other moving necessities. You should also try to maintain a semblance of normalcy for the dog’s sake. Walk them at the same time, have them on a reliable meal schedule, and make sure you give them extra pets, treats, and snuggles for the inconvenience.

Also, have a space in the home where your dog can go to get away from the madness. Maybe this is upstairs in an empty room or in a hallway no one uses. Here, your favorite pet can sleep, sit, or just relax.

If none of the above works, don’t be afraid to call on your vet. They can prescribe medicine to help calm your dog’s frazzled nerves.

Getting Their Supplies from Point A to Point B

Packing your dog’s supplies is just another task on a long list. You want to make sure you transport everything safely, which means packing efficiently. Perhaps you use packing and crating services to get the job done right the first time. You could even keep some of the pet supplies in storage until you get settled into the new home. You have plenty of options.

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