Medical and Pharmaceutical Lab Relocations

Medical and Pharmaceutical Lab Relocations

Eagle Rigging & Transport

Eagle Rigging & Transport, a division of Clancy Relocation & Logistics, is a specialized resource of our nearly 100-year-old company.  In recent decades, the Clancy has expanded its divisions and Eagle has been a trusted ally to globally recognized pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory firms.

A key to Eagle’s success is their in-house capacity. Eagle has a well rounded and experienced team to handle highly sensitive scientific equipment including MRI machines, bio-safety cabinets, optical tables, and process tools in clean room environments.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Lab Rigging

Eagle possesses a large team of tenured and specially skilled technicians for laboratory relocations. The most advanced, cutting edge pharmaceutical companies in the Tri-State Area trust Eagle.

Add to that a Logistics Solution

A valuable factor in a lab migration or upgrade is a warehouse and logistics solution.  Eagle’s parent company, Clancy, maintains over half a million square feet of clean climate controlled warehousing space.  Eagle and Clancy will receive and manage the assets of clients delivering just in time assets to the lab site throughout the project.  Our off-site solution keeps high-value assets in a safe location while still providing visibility through our online inventory portal.

The need to store large items (even larger when crated) on-site is no longer an issue.  We allow our clients to avoid congestion and avoid the risk of loss due to sensitive assets being in harm’s way at a construction site.  

Eagle and Clancy will receive, inspect, inventory, store, deliver and install assets on a just-in-time schedule.  If your organization has a lab equipment upgrade or a larger expansion project, contact Eagle Rigging & Transport for a free consultation and learn how we can become a valuable partner in your success.