Moving server rack

2019 Will Bring Continued Changes to IT Infrastructure

With Artificial Intelligence and automation at the forefront of new strategies, we will begin to see a trend of small and medium businesses using 3rd party IT companies to facilitate the implementation of these strategies that would otherwise not be possible in-house. Large companies with adequate budgets and a vision to leverage the technology will be the first adapters.  Relocation of IT assets is where Clancy gets involved.

Two huge and consequential developments in the tech world are the internet of things, and the Blockchain. Your Alexa, your fridge, and even your light bulbs will all start to have internet connectivity if they don’t already. Since all of these smart devices can communicate with one another, the internet of things will consist of a network of physical items. Endless applications can be thought of, one of which is providing a network with speeds never thought to be possible.

Supporting these developments are the traditional data centers currently spread around the country and looking more and more like shopping malls from a satellite view due to their enormous size.  But expect to see a new breed of data center start to appear. Most of the applications for IOT are enhanced by low latency. If you are in a 2nd, 3rd or 4th tier city, let alone a rural farm town, your IOT application likely communicates with a server many miles away in a large colocation facility.  That latency is no good for IOT applications such as autonomous vehicles and many other IOT devices. So look for smaller data centers to begin appearing as the demand for IOT and AI grows exponentially.

Small to medium sized businesses will also contribute to the growth of data centers. A business simply can not duplicate the resiliency of the data, power and security offered at a co-location data center.   Businesses will move to a data center to run their own servers or rent space on virtual servers. This trend of businesses ‘moving to the cloud’ is well underway and will continue in 2019.

In order to compete with the race for AI and automation, many companies will need to move servers all around the country in order to re-organize based on logistics or strategy.

A recent project that Clancy Relocation & Logistics took on was a perfect example of the challenges most companies will face when taking on the new technologies. In this project, multiple mainframe racks were moved from NY to TX, in a complex, well orchestrated move. The full Case Study can be found Here.

Moving server rack

New Infrastructure in the US will host devices that support low latency, blockchain and higher levels of security. The world is requiring faster access to information, and that means full speed internet in even the most remote places. This is only feasible through a new kind of network de-centralized infrastructure.

Clancy Relocation is using its team of people and assets to help deploy the infrastructure of the future. Contact us for a free consultation and learn about Clancy’s unique combination of logistics and data center experience that will have you executing your projects with ease.