Clancy and United Certified Move Coordinator seal

Clancy Celebrates United Certified Move Coordinators

This week two Clancy Move Coordinators achieved new certifications.

Please join us in celebrating Amanda Wirth for achieving her first “Gold” Certification!

Please join us in celebrating Jennifer Storms for achieving her first “Platinum” Certification!

Amanda Wirth — joined our team late 2016 and weathered her first household moving busy season in the Spring/Summer of 2017. Reaching “Gold” despite being a newcomer to our team is truly a great accomplishment!

Jennifer Storms — has achieved Gold Certification in recent years and this is her first Platinum. She has nearly two decades of experience and has been participating in the certification programs since they started only a few years ago. Jennifer is also a multi-year “Heart of Quality” award winner.

Certification Means Outstanding Service

From United Van Lines, “The United certification program was introduced as a way to shine a spotlight on this extraordinary group of professionals who work diligently to provide their customers with outstanding service. The certification process provides recognition and reinforces standards of performance.”

How does a Coordinator get certified?
In order to qualify for certification, Move Coordinators must complete a comprehensive learning plan as well as participate in numerous continuing education workshops both online and instructor-led. In addition, the Silver, Gold, and Platinum level certifications recognize those that have earned more points cumulatively through the quantity and quality of customer survey scores and taking advantage of additional learning opportunities.

Being a Certified Move Coordinator is more than just taking tests and training. It’s a badge that means you’ve been a helper to families during their moves each with their own unique set of personalities and logistics challenges. Certified Move Coordinators are experts at juggling communications on your behalf to make your move a success.

For Your Household Move

Your Clancy Move Coordinator will get involved in the process as early as possible to help guide you through the moving process.

When you contact Clancy for your move through this website or by calling us, a member of our team will look to schedule your free in-home estimate. This is a no-obligation service we provide to help ensure you get the correct services and pricing for your move. You’ll have options for full or partial packing as well as storage or other services depending on your move timeframe and budget.

Once you have chosen Clancy for your move, details are confirmed with your Coordinator. Your move is then registered. Pre-move documentation is sent. You will be given time before your move to review your documents. Need boxes? Move date change? Your Clancy Move Coordinator is your single point of contact at Clancy doing the pre and post move legwork for you. So don’t delay getting the help you need for your move! Contact Clancy today.