movers in office

Don’t Move These 6 Things Yourself (at your Office)

There are some items in your office that pose challenges. Even if you ARE able to move these things, should you? Let’s look at them…

#1 Computer Workstations

Will your IT staff be busy during the move? Dumb question? Will they have spare time to disconnect and reconnect all of the workstations? Do you remember what it was like when you had to re-program your television and cable box set up? Now imagine doing that x 10 or 50 or 100 or even 500. Our job as professional movers is to disconnect, label, pack, transport and reconnect each workstation so when your employees arrive on Monday morning, everything is ready to go. Call a Pro.

#2 Computer Server

All the company data as well as internet access can be controlled here. Your servers are delicate and require knowledgeable, delicate and professional hands. This is NOT something you want to play with. Call a Pro.

#3 Executive Desks

From simple to complex, this work area is something you’re going to look at and use for years to come. It would be better to have it arrive in more than just 1 piece. Scratched and damaged desktops and corners are some of the most common errors made by the DIY mover. Call a Pro.

#4 Copiers

Multifunction and daily use make these devices highly valuable. Copiers don’t take well to being jostled or dropped. Firstly, you should contact your copier vendor to see if any pre-move work needs to be done. Then your office mover can take it from there. If you want them to be ready to go when you arrive and get the new office set up, call a Pro.

#5 Artwork

For the executive offices or lobby, high value framed and free-standing sculptures pose their own set of challenges. Depending on the structure, age, and dimensions, these pieces can easily be damaged during a move unless experienced and well-trained crews are involved. Make returning to work as simple and profitable as possible, Call a Pro.

#6 Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are an injury waiting to happen. Size and weight make this office-standard an item you should not deal with. Avoid damage to yourself, your employees and your facility. Call a pro for office moving.