Don’t Move These Yourself (Personal)

There are some items in your home that pose particular challenges. Even if you ARE able to move these things, should you? Let’s look at them.

#1 The Piano

In the moving industry and for most home owners, this one is a “gimme”. Big, unwieldy and if you’re not on or going to anything other than the first floor, a little terrifying. The piano. Beyond this items sheer weight, the size and nature of a piano requires great skill and care to move and deliver safely. Risk to both yourself, your piano and the wallsis enough to say, Call a Pro.

#2 The Refrigerator

Once again, size and weight are factors to contend with. Beyond those are the internal components. All refrigerators include a compressor and internal electrical system. Many include glass shelving (another point of concern) and more modern devices also involve water feed lines for ice making and water dispensers. Today’s refrigerators can cost upwards of $2,500. If you’re not selling it with the house, Townhome or Apartment, Call a Pro.

#3 Washer & Dryer

The Washer is traditionally much heavier than the Dryer, but don’t let either of these fool you. Whether you’re moving them from a first floor laundry or a basement, their nick-names are “oops and scratch”. Fitting these appliances through doorways, across town and into your new place rarely happen without scratching and scuffing either their finish or the walls.  And those rubber water lines that are going to your washing machine? You would think it is just easy to close the valve and disconnect the rubber hose. Well sometimes the water in your home can dissolve the rubber seals inside the valve or deposit minerals that prevent the valve from closing properly. So you take away the hose and move out. Then there is a leak which the new homeowner finds on their walkthrough before the closing. You get to pay a hefty repair bill. Call a Pro.

#4 Delicate Artwork

We know you love the popsicle sculpture your third-grader made for parent teacher night. But we’re referring to the sculpture you recently bought or that painting you won at the gallery bid. Expensive pieces of sculpture or framing require delicate and experienced handling. We will even custom-crate these if their value determines it is an appropriate means to deliver your prized artwork. Call a Pro.

#5 Glass & Mirrors

These are more than just heavy. Thick or thin, glass and mirrors pose a very real safety risk. Over the years, we’ve heard some DIY movers claim the safest place is between the mattress and box spring. Well, if something DOES break, that maneuver will ensure that at least 2 items are damaged. Much less the risk to handle the clean up. Call a Pro.

#6 Big or High Ticket Furniture

Armoire, Leather couches and 4-poster beds tend to have 1 thing in common: High value.

If you spent time shopping for and purchasing any high quality items along these lines, then you already know how much they’re worth to you. But that’s just their cash value. What about those pieces you inherited or were gifted to you. They may have been in your family for generations. These are the pieces you want given the greatest care. Call a Pro.