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How to Start Packing to Move

How to Start Packing for Your Move

Upcoming moves can be stressful.  To help avoid some of the stress that comes along with moving, try to prepare ahead of time with packing.  Where to start?

Here are some tips to help you decide what to start packing and what to leave for last. 

Box away seasonal items.

Try to think of things that you definitely will not need until you are settled in at your new home.  By doing some early packing yourself it helps to keep things organized in preparation for your move.  It also keeps your move cost down!

Seasonal clothes and shoes, linens, holiday decorations, knick-knack’s around the house, small pictures frames, etc. are all items that can most likely be packed by you right away.

Don’t forget to wrap each item individually, placing heavier items at the bottom of your boxes.  And be sure to label your boxes with a brief description of the contents.

Read more packing tips and suggested supplies.

Put aside what you will need on moving day. 

When you are deciding what to pack, always keep in mind what is most important to have available for the days leading up to your move.  Think of moving to a new home like going on a mini vacation or camping trip; what essentials would you bring with you?  Might as well pack a suitcase!  Some spending cash, credit cards, daily medication, supplements, cell phones (and their chargers), a change of clothes and other daily necessities are good items to take with you on moving day.

Keep essentials aside clearly marked or boxed so they don’t get put on the truck or in your car until last.  It is also a good idea to bring with you items like irreplaceable heirlooms, a few of your child’s favorite toys, school or other documents, photos, jewelry, and silverware.  You may need to access these items during your move, so you don’t want to have to unpack and repack the boxes just to look for one thing.

Click here to view our essential “Moving Day Checklist” with a printable one-page PDF.

Too busy to pack?  We’re here to help!

Clancy can provide trained packing teams for wrapping and boxing up everything.

Remember that our packers are very quick and can pack up a whole entire room in under an hour.   Clancy packers are courteous, knowledgeable and well-trained.   We can provide packing teams to help you get organized before your moving day – please click here to contact us for a quote.