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What are Rogue Movers? How to Prevent Theft When Moving

Maybe you have heard of, “Rogue movers” but there are many others that have not. Please share with your friends and family this story so that it may never happen to you or your loved ones.

A personal friend of mine is struggling to help bring his Mom home to the rest of her family.  I just spoke with him on the phone as he told me how his well-meaning Mother hired 2 men from right outside the unemployment office to help her pack the last of her things into her portable storage container.

Those 2, “nice looking” men gave first names and a cell phone number but left with all the moving money she had thought was safe in her purse…nearly $2,000 cash.  The police can not do anything more for them without more information.  She’s moving out of Florida but this story could just as easily happen to my Mom in New York.

It is not a position anyone should be in.

The moral of this story is please don’t hire just anyone you find on the street to help you move.  You may feel like you are doing a wonderful thing….especially with so many people unemployed trying to make ends meet, but there are many people out there looking to take advantage of others.  Use who you know and who you can trust.

Safe Moving Tip: Check your mover’s credentials. Professional Movers are more than happy to show you their licenses.BBB logo

“Rogue movers” are men (or women) that pose as movers, offer services without warranty or insurance on Craigslist or you may find them other places looking for work.  ASK for things like references, proof of insurance, ID…these are things REAL movers (or honest people for that matter) will have and won’t be afraid to show you.   There are far worse things that could have happened to my friend’s Mother.  In the past year, I have heard horror stories of entire home contents being held hostage and losses of several thousand dollars or more.

Visit for more information on why the regulations we professional movers follow are so important.  Or please feel free to call us with your questions about moving.  We’ll be happy to help you plan your upcoming move.

Wishing you a safe move,
Elizabeth Domin

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