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Tayese Hofmann

Commercial Assistant
  • Date Started: Jan 28, 2019
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This is my first year assisting the Commercial Team in the company. I have been with Clancy since 2010 working out on the road with other contractors and I worked in the library as well.

  • How do you define an ideal customer experience?
    Each customer is different, but I will say the ideal customer experience to me is where the customer is satisfied and can feel relieved to have a good team help them throughout their relocation and down the line they will request us again for the future.
  • What do you do every day to ensure an awesome customer experience?
    As a team we make sure we reach out to our customers and update them on everything we plan to do to. We make sure our job is done correctly and we always make sure communication is key throughout their experience with us.
  • What is your proudest professional achievement to date?
    When I was at IBM in Poughkeepsie helping with the end of the quarter job, I pushed myself to learn and to make sure that I was able to get the job done, meet my quota and prove to myself and my colleagues/peers that I am capable of achieving anything that I put my mind to. There were also a few laughable moments to keep the vibes positive.
  • Why should a customer choose Clancy?
    A customer should choose Clancy because we are able to not only get the job done, but we make the experience enjoyable and we provide comfort to our customers so they feel like they made a great choice in choosing us.