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Mariah Kelly

Customer Service & Marketing
  • Date Started: Dec 1, 2019
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  • How do you define an ideal customer experience?
    Personally, an ideal customer experience is one where the caller feels as though all their questions were answered. After the phone call ends, I want the individual to be comfortable with the idea of choosing Clancy. A great first call is an important step in proving that we care wholeheartedly about our customers.
  • What do you do every day to ensure an awesome customer experience?
    I always make sure that I am in the best mood possible before I start the workday — a smile truly shines through the phone. If the customers seems interested in chatting, I try to engage in conversation to let them know that our employees are personable, and we care about the people who choose to work with us.
  • What do you like most about your occupation?
    My favorite thing about my job is connecting with other people. Moving is stressful, so it is an honor to be able to alleviate that stress by providing information and reassurance. I also enjoy interacting with those who come to our office. As a receptionist, I am usually the first face people see when they enter our building. I always do my best to make a great first impression!
  • What’s your proudest professional achievement to date?
    I was very excited to be offered a spot on the marketing team. I graduated with a degree in English and Journalism, so it is great to be able to engage in activities that I went to school to be able to do. I look forward to learning more!
  • Why should a customer choose Clancy?
    A customer should choose Clancy because we are prepared for any obstacle that may arise; you can rest assured that we will exceed all your expectations. We truly care about the customer experience and we are there to support you every step of the way.