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Jody Infantino

Move Coordinator/Claims Advisor
  • Date Started: Jun 6, 2020
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  • How do you define an ideal customer experience?
    When a customer tells me that the experience far exceeded their expectation. That they felt like family. They will refer Clancy to all their friends and family.
  • What do you do every day to ensure an awesome customer experience?
    I make it my mission is to provide premier customer service experience, with an emphasis on quality, innovation and safety.
  • What do you like most about your occupation?
    Helping people and being of service.
    What is your proudest professional achievement to date? Taking Move Coordinator classes to earn my certification. Also, receiving positive feedback from a customer. This one stands out-“The move went wonderfully with the help of your incredible coordination, communication and customer service!”
  • Why should a customer choose Clancy?
    We are the best in the class for moving people and businesses. We are family-oriented (to our customers and employees), honest and professional. We focus on safety.​​​​​​​